...long time ago...2002

original text from 2002


The name yoDAT resulted more from coincidence and among other things, had the roots from the North German area, where a friendly: "Jo" or too "Jouuh" spoken, expressing a spontaneous approval. Parallel to this a close friendship developed between James Parmenter and myself. In English usage, the expression "yo" is often used, and so one day "yoDAT" was included into everyday life for us. In 1998, the first ideas originated for yoDAT Experience however no one would then have presumed, that now after a 4 year evolution period, we have a Web Site set up and running. yoDAT Recording, Cologne was the beginning of everything. With "yoDAT Experience" a few good friends joined their abilities and creativity to make the Experience possible. Every one of us has participated, in the organization of "yoDAT Experience", we arrange everything for fun on our Web Site and imagine a community of creative visionary artists and Internet gurus, through a invisible band we combine and attempt to expand our abilities, in particular in the field Web design, Including the commercial sector of Web design and 3D animation. There will always be Internet and people who form it a little bit different.... just like us ..

Yours sincerely
Hank Trede